Wedding Photography 101


tripodIt doesn’t really matter what kind of lighting you will be dealt with or handed with during the wedding photography shoot. It can be a high light setting or a low light setting but the truth of the matter is that you will still be able to really gain a lot of benefits from the use of a tripod. a tripod is hands down one of the first few photography accessories that you get to really make sure that you have with you all of the time even if you are only new to wedding photography. A tripod can stabilize the camera and make sure that it is stock still and kept at a fixed position during the moment that the photos are being taken.

A tripod can instantly boost the quality of your wedding photography photos right then and there so you should really pack it in and bring it along with you all of the time. You need to make sure that you are able to invest in a high quality tripod that will really be strong and sturdy enough to support your camera and the lens that you choose to mount on it when it all comes down to it. Don’t settle for a cheap but sub standard tripod. You will end up doing more harm than good if you continue to walk down this road. A cheap and flimsy tripod can topple over and can have your gear come crashing down on the floor. You can’t afford to run this kind of risk because it just wouldn’t make sense. If you can’t afford to purchase a high quality tripod just yet, then you should borrow one instead just until you are able to save up until you have enough to go ahead and buy your own.

No flash

The secret to coming up with really great wedding photography final finished photos is for you to keep things as natural and as in the moment as you possibly can. One way for you to be able to pull something like this off would be for you to minimize the use of flash as much as possible. Flash photography can be quite harsh and it can be distracting to the people that you are taking photos of because the light comes out in sudden and extremely bright spurts and you don’t want any of that if you are trying to go after photos that look natural and candid. Try to make do with whatever kind of lighting you are being given with. Natural light really is the best way to go and that’s the long and short of it but if it is not something that is possible for you to get a hold of, then you should opt for strobes instead. They are steady and stable and they won’t end up startling anyone. Strobes can be quite expensive though and they require some time to be set up and prepared so unless you absolutely have to and unless there really is no way around it in wedding photography, then that should be the time for you to opt for flash photography.

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