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How Do Photographers Do SEO?

photography seoBy now, you are probably realizing the importance of implementing SEO in your site, blog and social media. Despite pictures quality being the first, SEO cannot compare less to it because those pictures would mean nothing if no one ever come to see them.

Without further ado, check out our list of photography SEO for dummies without having to understand technical terms yourself. We have made it easy even for people with zero knowledge on IT to know how to do SEO in less than 10 minutes:

Page naming / Permalink

Now to understand what is permalink, check out the address bar. You see the link? That is the link that lead to this particular page and that is what we call as permalink. When you read a particular page, less than often you read the title of the page, not the address bar, to know if this is the link you are looking for. But, for Google, both the title and the permalink matter. It involves a few words included in permalink into its directory when sending out results, so though it might mean more work, this is part of photography SEO. Example: myphotography.com/gallery/2017/bride-&-groom-wedding.


If take a picture from your phone, it immediately uses a default name that comprises of IMG+TIME+DATE or something like that. So it usually comes up as IMG11092017. That’s normal, it’s the protocol that many camera, whether it is digital or your camera phone have. When we download pictures, we don’t even care about the name but have you noticed how some are properly named, for example, Niagara-falls-beautiful-waterfall.jpg? Pretty self explanatory right?

Naming your pictures and videos this way are not meant to help those that download (probably without rights) the easiness to manage their files. It is meant for Google to take into consideration when people search, following the example I’ve said, beautiful waterfall, Niagara, Niagara Falls or maybe Niagara waterfalls.


You will write something. You will need to write something on your particular page if you want it to be stored in the database of Google to be brought out in search results. The reason is because people search by typing. Remember that you are a photographer and people will look for you, or your pictures, in keywords like event photographer, wedding photographer and the likes.

And of course, if you want your keywords to be considered as acceptable, it cannot be: hidden, spammed, outside readable space and other cheating methods. It will lead to a temporary to permanent banning of your site. Use them naturally throughout your blog.

Page loading speed

Oh yea, not just your visitors, even Google cares about this. The faster is your page, the higher is the chance of it overcoming the ranks. So, how?

Several tips and myths for this:

  • Do not use plugin. Wrong. Healthy, well-developed plugins usually help your page in putting in more functions and features to help you and the visitors. If you installed plugins that are not supported, not cared by developer and was never updated since 2010, of course it will screw with your site.
  • Arrange pictures, compress them. When you load for pictures on Google, they show a smaller version of the picture and only loads when opened. Of course, depending on the platform, the site you are using if you use a web hosting will help you optimize the size of the pictures.
  • Don’t use fancy background, because they cause the page to load slower and hard to navigate on mobile phones, not to mention how it messes with readability.

What To Know About Photography SEO

Bookmark images

seo for photographers Make it a point to submit your images to different image bookmarking sites because this will work well for photography SEO. When you get your images bookmarked, you are technically increasing your chances of getting other people to come across them and to see them. This means that once people get to come across your images, it directly results to you getting more traffic to your site at the end of the day. This technically means more work for you as a photographer and blogger but it is extra time and effort that will all well be worth it in the end. SEO is a statistics and numbers game.

If there is any way or any possibility for you to increase your numbers and your chances when it comes to getting hit up by search engines and when it comes to getting more people to be directed at your site and your images, then by all means, you should make the most out of it. It means extra work but that’s the main reason why you are doing this in the first place. If you are going to end up doing something and it turns out to be just halfway through any way, you are just wasting your time. You might as well get things done the right way all the way through and gain measurable results out of it. This is something that you will grow accustomed to and get the hang of in the long run.

Promote your blog entries though social media

This is a photography SEO strategy that will notify your existing followers about any updates in your blog. When you go ahead and promote stuff on social media, you are technically merging your social media followers along with your blog subscribers. You have to take note of the very likely possibility that your social media followers will not always be aware or all that updated about the things that are going on in your blog. You should make it a point to always get things like these checked out as much as possible because you never really know when one of these people might turn out to be a potential client for you at the end of the day. You just have to keep trying and you just have to keep working on it as much as possible and cross your fingers and hope that something turns up one way or the other. You actually have the option to filter off social media contacts when you are looking them up. You can filter them off based on geographic location, demographics, and yes, even based off of relationship status. Logically, you should be aiming for those who are in a relationship or for those who are currently engaged.


Make quality connections and network with any other photobloggers you might want to connect with as well if you want to make the most out of photography SEO. The more you follow them, the more you get the most out of what they are putting up and apply it on your own blogs.