Pros and Cons of Hiring Your Family Member as Opposed to a Professional Wedding Photographer Dundee

wedding photographer DundeeMost times, when a couple plans a wedding, the first thing they try to do before any other thing is prepare a budget. The budget contains a list of possible expenses that will be incurred over the course of preparing the wedding items and the income that will be used to offset the wedding. In this budget, different elements will be placed side by side and the possible alternatives to them or ways a cheaper variant can be gotten.

After all, everyone knows that planning a befitting wedding is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time and requires resources. When it comes to how to cut costs, one of the things a couple may look at is whether or not the services of a professional wedding photographer Dundee should be hired or a family member or friend who is enthusiastic about photography should be drafted in to help.

Well there are definitely pros and cons to this and they are listed below:



If you think about it from the perspective of saving cost, then hiring the services of a professional would have less of an appeal to a couple short on funds. The best alternative would be to get an individual who has shown a certain fondness for it and would charge little to nothing to help them. When it costs them little, humans are willing to take up things.


Another reason why a couple may choose to go for a family member or friend is the fact that these individuals know more about them than a just hired professional could know. The friend or family is aware of their likes, their quirks and basically everything about them. If this is rationalized, the couple will be led to think that it is better to go for someone they are familiar with other than a complete stranger.



There is no denying the fact that a professional wedding photographer Dundee is in the profession for a reason. That reason is the fact that they are confident in the skills they possess. These skills are something a family member or friend who has a passing interest in photography will be aware of.

Also, these skills are not just something you pick up as constant practice and learning is needed to attain a certain level. Skills also need to be constantly refined or else in this age we are living in, they might become redundant.


Do you know that there are different styles of wedding photography currently in existence? Wedding photography is more than just focusing a camera on a moment and snapping away. A certain amount of care and approach needs to be taken to ensure that the resulting output is something the couple can cherish.

However, with the lack of knowledge which the family friend or member have, that might not be the case. If that is the case, then it is only better the services of a professional wedding photographer Dundee like be sought out.

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