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Wedding Photography Yorkshire: Photoshoot Under Sunlight

Yorkshire wedding photographyAt first, it doesn’t seem so bad to be able to shoot under a sunny weather. Sure, it could get pretty hot, but with that, you get the pretty clear image of the couple. You don’t have to take out your lighting equipment as well. All good.

Until you actually shoot during it. People’s eyes start to wrinkle due to the bright light. In order to avoid this, you either change your position to a sheltered location, use an umbrella or have the couple face against the sun. But we all know this is futile to do from 11 am to 2 pm.

So, there exists only two solutions for wedding photography Yorkshire. The first one is to head inside to shoot indoor and wait until the sun goes down a little bit or the second solution.

Use flash and reflectors

Photographers don’t use flash to light up dark places, but it’s also useful to light up parts of the couple’s body that are shadowed due to the sunlight. If you flash them and capture the picture, you will get a picture without the uneven shadows on them. But the problem with this is that light reflects easily on light colored surfaces, for example, white wedding dresses.

This challenges the photographer into having to play with white balance on the camera settings as well. Make sure to use manual setting, not auto, as it will manage to darken the whole scene from having too much light into the camera.

The next easy solution would be to use reflectors. If you know how to use them during your wedding photography Yorkshire, you will be able to achieve some amazing works like the ones done by Boho Chic Weddings. There are many different types of reflectors from matte white, shiny silver, shiny gold to black. Learn how to use each of them before you try using just any on your client.


Hiding from the sunlight shouldn’t be as hard as trying to find a place with high wall to block it. It can be as simple as having the taller groom to block the shorter bride. This will allow the bride to look at the groom without having to look at the sun. With a little sacrifice or a burning back, the bride will love this moment.

Using props like umbrella will also help with preventing the sunlight from making it hard for the couples to pose without squinting their eyes too hard.


Another way to take the picture is to take back shots of the couple. This allows you to forget about trying to cover the shadows while they face towards the sun. You also don’t have to care about their squinting eyes as you are only taking pictures of their back.

Will they love it? Absolutely.

Back shots tend to look good if you aim for a wide angle while the couple face towards an amazing backdrop. It can also be as close as a portrait of the bride’s back blurring the beach next to her.

You see, there are many ways one can use in wedding photography Yorkshire when you have to deal with sunlight. They are not hard to do, especially if you have the right equipment to work with!

Why Your Edinburgh Photographer Will Suggest a Wedding Album

Edinburgh photographerAfter deciding who you want to hire for your wedding photography, there are still many things to decide and choose from there. Such as, how many hours you plan to hire him, will there be an extra shooter, how many pictures you will be able to get, so on and so forth. But in one of those decisions, there will be the printing part.

Now, for the Edinburgh photographer there will be different opinions on which kind of paper and wedding album design is the best. But, to be more precise, we want to tell you why wedding albums?

There’s the wedding book

If you’ve done a little research or saw the options of some photographers from their site, you might have seen how there are a wedding album and a wedding book. The two terms sound like they are used interchangeably, but actually no. They are two different things that spell out different materials, quality and therefore, price.

A wedding book is cheaper and can generally hold more pictures with the same page number with a wedding album. They are cheaper, so you can carry them around a lot. Wedding books are processed in similar ways to magazines and sometimes books, hence, the name. The bad thing about this is that it is never made to withstand against time. Keep it long enough and pages will fall out.

Although, the great thing about it is that it’s cheap and stores more pictures than a wedding album can. But if you want something that will be there with you even after decades and until it falls into the hands of the next generation, a wedding book won’t be able to do that.

Paper quality

A wedding album prints with better paper quality in general. Check the pictures of an Edinburgh photographer from Look at the richness of the colors shown in these pictures and how nice it would be to be able to see their printed versions.

But as some of you have known, what’s shown on screen can really differ from what’s shown when printed. And it’s not just about the ink, but also the paper! How well does the paper absorb the color? How does the quality of it (shiny, glossy, matter) affect the appearance of the pictures?

A wedding album also never uses two sides of a piece of paper. They are always two pieces of them glued together with only one side printed for highest visual quality. Not just that, everything about a wedding album is customized and handmade, from editing the pictures, making the template, to crafting the album. The precision of the machine is controlled by the visual of a human.


Every couple wants the best for their wedding photography, but the budget is often your biggest enemy. When that bothers you, remember that getting a book or an album isn’t just about enjoying the pictures for your first or second year of marriage. It’s something that you will keep for the rest of your life or as long as it can still be kept. Your Edinburgh photographer realizes this and they want you to really appreciate those pictures.

5 Manners of a Wedding Photographer Cardiff

wedding photographer CardiffA wedding photographer must always keep in mind that attending a wedding, no matter whether you are a guest or not, means you have to appear like you are attending one. How you act should respect the fact that it is the party of someone who had hired you and that there are many people attending as well.

These are 5 manners a photographer should keep during a wedding.

1. Dress code

The first important thing about being a photographer is your wardrobe choice. What do you wear to a wedding as a guest? As you choose your outfit, keep in mind that comfort is a priority to keep your performance up. The second important thing is to wear formal and according to the party because people will get distracted if they see you wearing jerseys or shirts.

On top of it all, your client will definitely not appreciate this appearance from you and some event organizers pay attention to each vendor’s quality from look to performance.

2. Ready all the time

Whatever the challenge is, you need to show that you are a photographer who has anticipated it. Every wedding has its own challenges and it is your job to find out what it is before the show starts and prepare a solution for it. As much as possible prepare, because we know some situations can happen unexpectedly.

Clients won’t wait for you to get ready. You have to be as efficient as possible and not waste precious time that your clients paid you for. It’s what we learned from a wedding photographer that owns the site

3. Friendly and helpful

It is normal for clients who come to find you feel nervous. Some of them may seem too prepared and ask all kinds of questions that you knew would not matter to them. Yet, what matters now is how you handle them. If they ask something, be glad to answer them even when you know it’s useless. Be respectful and move on to give feedback that let them feel they are listened to.

Your answers should also provide the solutions they need. Provide them with a reason to see you as someone that provides something only you can give. Something different from your competitors and people who are probably offering the same service at a slightly lower price.

4. Respectful

We commend photographers who are willing to go far length to capture masterpieces. Some went through installing cameras on difficult places to gain the right angle. Others went as far as driving 10 to 15 minutes away to get a far shoot or use drones to get the picture from an impossible perspective. But be reminded that you don’t crawl at a party just to get the angle that you want. You don’t show your butt to the guests enjoying their dinner.

5. On time

A wedding photographer must always be on time. It is even better if you are willing to arrive earlier to prepare yourself. When you get there, you will have time to review the itinerary and the venue beforehand. You will be able to review your ideas and may even be able to think of something new for the couple.

Commercial Videographer: An Artistic Marketing Job

commercial videographers WaterfordIn these days of the digital revolution, an advertisement comes in every possible form. Video marketing is one of the most successful and wanted strategy for business owners. Tapping into this world means you are ready to explore the business world more intensely and the help of commercial videographers Waterford can come in handy!

Where do you start?

In commercial videography, it is important that you recognize the purpose of the video. What does your client want to advertise? Is it to increase exposure of their brand? Is it to introduce a new product into the market? Or is it simply to remind people about their existence? With the purpose in mind, you can better direct a video that has a clear message for the viewers.

However, the job of shooting for commercial videos are not, or more exactly, cannot be simple anymore. Everyone else is doing the same thing, taking the same video and posting them the same way you would.

Take a creative approach

Being different is the only way to stand out these days. 40 years ago, being able to advert yourself through videos is something that already makes you stand out when others are still using flyers. When everyone is using TV and posting them on social media, what makes yours different?

Remember that a creative video can only go along if your client has a creative idea. What happens often in the field is that not everybody has the same ‘creative’ thinking. You will meet with some who think that just a ‘decent’ commercial video is enough. That is okay if that is what your client wishes for, comply with it.

Check out some decent, but very well-directed and shot videos by one of the best commercial videographers Waterford at Even decent videos have their own attractiveness when they are the sole video you see in, for example, a room.

For example, a good, high-quality shot of a French cuisine is sure to bring water to your mouth if that’s what you see among the various great features of a 5-star hotel. One way to bring out this kind of focus is to know what kind of things people like to pay attention to.

The brain

Our brain processes information in a very fast way and in this day and age when information is everywhere, we tend to avoid or ditch the ones that we think are unimportant (repetitive ad, repeated slogans). With this in mind, we need to remember that our ad has to bring quality content that attracts people immediately.

Emotional content is one of the best ways to attract them. Yet, note that this shouldn’t be overused. For example, instead of directing and making up the scene, you can use original scenes from the place. Alan Golden did a graduation video of an actual graduation, slipping in interviews session among it. This makes the whole video more real and connected to the viewers and inspire future students who will study there.

Another way is instead of promoting the toys and equipment of a gym, tap into the more emotional reasons people go there. Losing weight, healthier life, ideal body shape, beauty, and handsomeness; these are emotional things that trigger people. Working as commercial videographers Waterford is more than just taking videos; you become a marketing partner of your client as well!

What You Actually Need to Do for Your Photographer

wedding photographer EssexA lot of couples are getting the wrong idea on what to do about their wedding photographer Essex. Some thought they need to provide a long list of things to shoot while others feel concerned about not talking to their photographer at all.

All these things can actually disturb your photographer’s job and obviously, your pictures! So, what do you need to do to make sure your photographer will work effectively?

Find the right person

The first step is to find the right person. If you don’t find the right person, then no matter what you do you won’t be able to get the wedding pictures you dream. You need to find the right, capable and professional photographer for the job.

When you look, make sure that you’re not letting just anyone that calls themselves expert to become your photographer. You also need to make sure that they are really professional and have proven it from years of experience of becoming a wedding photographer.

Stop with telling them what to do

As you hire your wedding photographer, you know you’ve found the right person. He will take your wedding pictures and make sure that none is missed in your pictures collection. But you have doubts; it seems that you need to create a list of things to shoot. Now, stop right there.

It’s a very bad idea to try to tell your photographer what to shoot. Their job is to shoot wedding events and it’s been something that they’ve done for years. You will most likely create a nuisance that will distract them when they work and even disrespect them as professionals.

A wedding photographer Essex from tells us that it was a hassle with the list. He eventually pretended that he paid attention to it and went on with his work because results are more important.

Invite them to your rehearsal

The last step before you proceed to the actual wedding is a rehearsal. This is a crucial moment where everyone’s gathered to practice for the special day. Your photographer will also definitely gain something from attending this. Practice always makes perfect.

A photographer that is experienced can still gain something if you let him come and practice a couple of shots with you. Practicing will show which pose is better and which can be crossed out. Your photographer will also have time to walk around the venue to take some pictures. He might even figure something out on his own when he’s there in person.

Book early

You will also do your photographer a favor if you booked them early. A photographer is usually booked years ahead, so they will prefer it when a client comes early. It will also give them enough time to prepare and research about the place before shooting. The shorter is the time, the less chance you have to practice with them.

You cannot celebrate your marriage twice; you only have one shot at this. In order to make sure that your wedding photographer Essex will do his best, therefore, you also need to make sure that you’re also doing your best with them.

Improving Your Skills: When Lighting Isn’t Perfect

Melbourne wedding photographyMost of the time, it isn’t. You rarely get just that amount of light that you need to for your subject. They can either shine from the wrong side of the room or just not enough to even barely make out the shape of the bride’s dress in the pictures. In Melbourne wedding photography, you don’t get to choose what kind of weather will you work.

However, you can choose to learn how to shoot under such conditions.

Always have artificial lighting

No matter if it’s too dark or not, always bring a reliable lighting kit with you. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but at a camera’s flash with its diffuser and a second portable lighting are mandatory. These help you to light up enough space to keep your subjects visible and well covered.

Sometimes, you need to flash in bright daylight to counter the heavy shadows. Other times, you just need to light up the whole place. Lighting kit is very useful in almost any kind of situation, especially during the reception when the room is darkened for the dance floor to be occupied.

Rehearse yourself

In the dark, you have less visibility on what’s around you and such, you have to remember how the place looked like by hard. It wouldn’t be too hard if you had practice beforehand. That is, to walk and scout the area before the party starts. You can also scout the place during the dinner rehearsal, which allows you to discuss the itinerary of the day with your clients while observing the location.

Portfolios by, a professional Melbourne wedding photography provider shows some of the best use of lighting equipment. You can notice how sunlight sometimes shines strongly and the subjects still looked great. Others had the photographer made use of the shadows and direction of the sunlight to create a surreal feeling.

Make use of the situation

If the lighting is shining bright yellow as the sun is about to set, don’t force yourself to still take the typical romantic picture. Make use of the shadow and how everything around you looks golden. It’s the golden hour!

If it’s dark and gloomy, it’s okay. There are chances that rain will fall and you have the rare opportunity to capture the cloudy sky with your couples. Taking some pictures from a low angle facing the sky will allow you to take a majestic look. Don’t let obstacles or anything block your view to the sky except the two lovebirds.

Find other lights

Just because it’s nighttime doesn’t mean we need candles to light the place. There are streetlamps and occasional outdoor lamps that you can make use. Take the pictures around here to help you light things up in addition to your flash and lighting equipment.

You can also use light painting techniques to spice things up. It’s an interesting addition to the album and most clients would love to do this. They get to draw something and to put simply, it’s really pretty.

Your Melbourne wedding photography doesn’t have to fail in the dark. If you practice these advice, you can definitely figure something out and perhaps, take one of the best shot in your life!

Great Photographs Are Only by Great Photographers

fine art wedding photographyAs the title says, we want to focus on helping people to avoid being disappointed by their wedding photographer. There are too many photographers and brides who made it to the first page of headlines due to wedding pictures quality. Brides can’t help but feel helpless and wants something to be done about it.

If you’re really looking forward to only book for a professional fine art wedding photography service, follow these steps. You will be smiling with happiness and content when you get your wedding pictures later.

Don’t wait to look

Never wait till it’s too late. Professional photographers are often booked a year ahead. Because of this, there’s a chance that the photographer you want is already booked on the date you’re married. So, begin selecting and leaving messages or emails for to candidates. In the case one can’t, you still have other photographers whose work you like.

Don’t be too focused on price

Price is a very important factor in hiring a photographer. It’s true that for some, they can be too pricey. It seems that the job of taking pictures shouldn’t cost that much, however, the job isn’t as simple as taking pictures. Can’t imagine to hire a photographer who can’t ever decide where to take pictures and edit them out, right?

Even the art of photography isn’t easy. Most of the time, the place and weather aren’t really supporting to have a good, aesthetic picture to be taken. It depends on how familiar your photographer is with his camera and his editing skills. Color and sharpness enhancement in post-production are what will make big differences later on.

Professional show signs

We’d like to have as an example of a professional fine art wedding photography service provider. First thing we can learn is that professional photographer doesn’t take too much jobs. They focus on what is on their plate and deliver only the best. Rather than trying to satisfy as many people as possible, they want each they accepted are fully satisfied.

This is only possible if the photographer is earning enough to cover the cost (as it’s not like they can get work all-year round). But because of that, it’s even worth it to pay more because this photographer will be sure to only do the best. Your wedding pictures isn’t something worth risking on. Disappointment won’t disappear for a very long time.

Check the fine print

When you are about to sign the contract, remember to check the content of it. If your photographer is claimed to be insured, and he should be, asked to have the proof of insurance shown. The fact that he’ll cover for his own damages and losses should also be stated.

Fine print shouldn’t be stating things like you’re not allowed to write or sound your opinion in a negative tone about the photographer. This is obviously a bad point for you, even though if the problem is taken to the court, you’d still win. But being safe is always better.

The lead photographer has to be confirmed here. You can’t have an assistant or non-professional come to take pictures for the fine art wedding photography. You also want to check if there’s any guarantee if the pictures aren’t satisfying.

The Significance of a Baby Photographer Bournemouth

baby photographer BournemouthBaby pictures are just the best thing in the world. So pure, so innocent, yet so full of emotions and love. It’s one of those times where they can laugh so hard at ugly faces and cry at losing their favorite toys. It’s one of those times where we can’t stop taking out our phone to snap some pictures.

But is using a baby photographer Bournemouth really matters? Cute baby poses are everywhere online and it doesn’t seem hard to do at all.


Baby photographers are specially trained to not just take the pictures, but also know the best way to do them without sacrificing safety. There are various communities of photographers who work hard on promoting safety on set and you, as a parent, would want your photographer in here.

On the other hand, while you see a lot of pictures with cute poses may seem completely safe. In actuality, that’s not always the case. Danger lurks even in the most innocent pose. If you still have a newborn baby, don’t try making it supports his head with his limbs. The body is still weak and the bones are still too fragile to do that. You’ll risk breaking the bones of your newborn baby!

Better quality pictures

While you may argue that smartphones today are geared with great cameras, they cannot be compared to those of DSLRs. The lenses alone cost as much and even more than phones. These help the photographer gain crystal clear images of the baby. See for yourself baby pictures taken by a Jackson, a professional baby photographer Bournemouth at

This is also possible if the photographer himself understand his gears. Simply owning one does not make him able to take great pictures. There are a lot of modes and settings that need to be altered according to the condition and also the kind of pictures they want to take. Different photographers also have different perspectives and as they take those pictures, they are doing more than just making memories.

Special gears

Photographers also have special gears they use during baby photography. Those gears include lighting, different lenses, computer and software involved in editing the pictures.

Why do photographers need to edit pictures of babies? Trust us, babies aren’t the best model to have and accidents tend to happen in the middle of the best picture. To throw them away is such a shame and to aim for a perfect picture takes forever. Editing those small mistakes is the best option.


And the props! Yes, we all knew the props can be easily bought online, but will you actually buy them just to take several pictures? Photographers use them often for other sessions and they regularly change their props because they need to constantly update their style and to follow the trend.

You don’t have to spend and store those props you’d like to try if you get a professional baby photographer Bournemouth to do it. Saves you the time and guarantee you that only professional and cute baby pictures will be produced. You also don’t have to research a lot on baby’s safety in photography session because your photographer knows them all.

Showing Professionalism: Should I Attend my Client’s Rehearsal?

Essex wedding photographerIt seems that attending the rehearsal of your client has commonly been done based on whether you have the time to or not. As an Essex wedding photographer, you’ve probably heard and seen several other professional wedding photographers who also do the same thing.

But now, there’s an important question one needs to answer: is attending the rehearsal of my client’s wedding important? Answering this will help you answer the question of whether you should or need to attend their rehearsals.

What happens in a rehearsal

Clients have never been married, obviously. Which makes it obvious that they also don’t know how or where they should stand. What is the best angle to show their wedding photographers? Is the way I decorate my outdoor venue strategically? Heck, some don’t even bother asking these questions because they don’t know it matters.

Afterwards, family members and friends will gather around for a heartful dinner. It’s a truly beautiful night to spend because the couple is going to start a new family really soon! Everyone’s just happy and relaxed for the day.

What you can do in their rehearsal

One of the most important aspects for as an Essex wedding photographer is to visit their venue once before you commence the job. It’s important that you are at least familiar with how the place looks like and have basic ideas of how you should take your pictures. Coming prepared is the trick to save time, memory card, and battery.

Attending your client’s rehearsal gives you this ability. It’s important that you don’t think lowly of making the extra trip to the location because you can potentially save the clients from heartaches.

When the arch is bent in the wrong way

Because these couples are just so happy and dream about their wedding as the best day ever, they might not be aware of the potential problem that can happen. Especially with the way they design their venue, in particular, outdoor venues.

As a photographer, you have the eye of a photographer that can help tell if the stage or the arch is positioned at the wrong place. This is a crucial time because you have less than a few days to make sure that your client has the best wedding in his life. They will definitely appreciate your input.

When nobody knows you

The guests would very much appreciate it if they can know about their Essex wedding photographer a little bit before the wedding. The rehearsal is one of those time when all the key figures are gathered at one place. You have your chance of introducing yourself and getting acquainted with all the important people.

Guests and family members won’t feel as awkward during group pictures when they know the person that is directing their pictures. You also still have to continue building rapport with your clients.

As you’ve read above, attending rehearsal reassures that you can do the job properly. Seeing how you proactively involve yourself with the rehearsal will help your clients to trust more in your skills and professionalism. If this can help eliminate the possibilities of problems arising significantly, don’t you think it’s always worth an extra trip there?

These Are Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

wedding photography HertfordshireOften, what matters the most from a photographer is how they explain themselves. In align with that, we have prepared several questions you should ask before book for a wedding photography Hertfordshire session.

From words, you can see if the photographer actually cares about you and is willing to do more. Sacrifices sometimes have to be made to achieve a better result and ensure that you are happy. Not all photographer is willing to do that, reasoning that they will do within what is promised.

Q: What is your experience?

You will want to hear about how long your photographer has been doing wedding photography Hertfordshire. Some photographers understand that clients are concerned about this and put it up on their website like in

You also want to hear their various experiences on taking themes wedding parties and pictures if you are doing one.

Q: Can you show me some more works?

Whatever is put up online is often the best; they want you to see only the best side. You, on the other hand, need to see their usual results. Ask for more portfolios or works to see if you still like them in general, not just their best ones.

Q: So, this is how I envision it to be, what do you think?

Reaction from your photographer after listening to your wedding is important. Are they enthusiastic? Or do they look bored and simply say, “It looks good.”? An important aspect here is also to see if your photographer has anything to say and is willing to advise you to improve it. Or they can reply you with questions to make sure they understand everything and can align your vision with what they’ll see through their lens.

This is probably the most important question. You need someone who can live up to what you really dream of because your wedding will only happen once. You want your photographer to be able to fully grasp the beauty of it and give it to you.

Q: Have you ever worked at my wedding venue?

Someone who has worked on other weddings in that same venue is always preferable, due to the fact that they’ve known the layout and where to stand or pose. If he/she has never worked there, then see if they mention anything about willing to visit the place once beforehand to ensure that they know the venue.

Q: Can you come to my rehearsal?

Even for the most professional wedding photographer, attending a rehearsal is still a vital point in their job. It allows photographers to know more about you, your friends, and family members. Group pictures will become so much easier if everyone has known each other beforehand.

If your photographer is a beginner, attending a rehearsal will give them the chance to explore the venue and test shoot with you. This is an important chance, so if they are willing to attend, that will be a good thing to note.

Q: How would you explain your working method?

You can change this question by asking how they took those pictures on their portfolios. Naturally, candid pictures will provide you with a wedding album that looks seamless and smooth. Nothing is made up and no one looks awkward.

Your photographer has to be able to work without attracting people and still capture important moments in the party. Staying hidden, yet, bold in capturing pictures are important.

DIY Bonbonniere: Make It, Show It, Photograph It

wedding photographer SouthamptonMaking your own bonbons to place in your wedding is a unique way to show that the wedding is ‘you’. And the Internet has become a place rich of creativity, tutorials, and ideas. There’s practically nothing you cannot find and know from Google and Pinterest is one of the places to go for DIYs.

Rather than bombarding you with DIY ideas though, we are here to help you prepare and plan everything. Making DIY bonbonnieres are not something that you do every day. And the right person that will capture these beautiful handmade bonbons would be Anna Morgan Photography, a wedding photographer Southampton, so do check them out!

Choose the bonbons early

Decide on what you will begin making early on. Somewhere around a year before is a good time!

Sheesh, that early?

Yup! This is because you will need to buy a lot of ingredients, molds, and practice. You will also need to find helpers that will help you make the bonbons.


If this is the first time that you try to make this kind of sweet, practice beforehand. Practice a few times and be sure to note down things that are different from the recipe and keep it. Seriously, keep it! You won’t have time to test it out again later and you’ll be stuck with awful bonbons for your guests!

At the same time, think of the packaging and presentation. How and where do you want the bonbons placed in your wedding? Some place them on a table at the entrance for people to look and enjoy looking at.

Buy the ingredients

After you are sure with what you are doing it’s time to procure the ingredients. Any ingredients that don’t go spoiled easily can be bought and stored for later use.

One month two weeks before the wedding

This is the right time to begin making the bonbons. Ask some friends to help with making this if there are a lot of guests that you have to attend to. This is also a great time to spend time with friends and just enjoy the night making bonbon and chatting around.

Don’t forget to also start making the packages and pack them as the day gets closer to your wedding.

Show them off!

It’s showtime! Show off your hard work to your guests and let it be appreciated by your friends! Don’t forget to gift those people who helped you something to appreciate their hand!

Tip your wedding photographer Southampton about this, so he/she can take more particular shots of the bonbonnieres.

You should also keep some for yourself and have them when you’re back from your honeymoon. Bonbons are great for reliving the happy day again.

Make it happen

You’ve read through this article, so maybe it’s time that you start the first step of deciding on your bonbon! It’s always better to start early, so whenever you have a change of mind, you can always have the time to practice again. The most important thing is to commit to the promise and schedule you’ve made. Doing things early will almost always save you from presenting rushed and half-hearted bonbons on your wedding.

Lastly, congratulations on your happy day and may the bonbons become a big success for your wedding!

Four Big Venues for Your Big Wedding Party

wedding photographer SurreySurrey is a part of Southeast England and is blessed with beautiful geographical conditions! Getting married in one of the venues here will sure give you beautiful unforgettable memories that you want your wedding photographer Surrey to capture!

Have you decided to tie your knot? Looking forward to a grandeur party and sharing it with all your friends and family members? Check out the following 4 gorgeous wedding venues in Surrey! They all can hold up at least 200 guests and some even up to 250 people!No friend should be left out for such a happy day, right?

Farnham Castle (up to 200 people)

Seale, Surrey

Most of the beautiful places in Surrey is covered in history and antiques; your wedding is immediately sprinkled with the magic of love from the past, or the royalty of the inhabitants.

This castle is exactly like that, except that it is possible 10 times better than most other places proved by awards bestowed upon this place. The place is well cared and has a beautiful garden where your guests can enjoy their time outside. It is overlooking the town of Farnham and is situated on level grounds. Everybody will love this place; you will see countless people competing to take pictures of the beautiful venue!

The Runnymede on Thames (up to 250 people)

Egham, Surrey

‘Picture-perfect’ is one way to describe this place. The hotel provides two suites room for couples to go through ceremonies and reception can be done anywhere around the venue. If you wish for a more outdoor, theme the riverbank will suit your preference. Its indoor rooms and halls are also adorned with elegance and luxury. Your wedding photographer Surrey can surely take wonderful photos here.

For an even more romantic and glamorous entrance, you can rent a private boat or cruise the river with your guests!

De Vere Horsley Estate & Towers (up to 250 people)

East Horsley, Leatherhead

This place bears almost 200 years of history and became the birthplace and residence of famous people and figures, such as Lovelace.

The place is fully dedicated to the couple; you have so many rooms to choose for your Breakfast, Ceremony and Reception Dinner. Guests are given freedom to park at the venue. Rooms are available to rent for those that are tired from the long drive. Your night will end with a classic bottle of champagne.

Bonus: Amazing view of the garden and the castle. Be a prince and princess who are crowned as King and Queen of the night!

Littleton Park House (up to 200 people)

Shepperton, Surrey

This is a studio that has become a witness of three generations. From when Thomas Wood, its original owner, a nobleman, resides in this mansion to when it turns into one of British most famous studio, more than 320 years have passed.

Various rooms inside are decorated and adorned with different mood and colors, giving a richness of variation. Walk outside and you’ll see private woodlands that couples never want to miss taking pictures at.

Whatever your culture is, the venue is ready to cater to your needs and fully understand how to make your wedding day a really special day.

How To Have The Perfect Portraits

Practice, practice and more practice.

portrait photographyIf you want to go ahead and nail your portrait photography shoot down pat, the best way for you to go would be to make it a point to practice the facial expressions that you will be wearing so far whenever you are posing right in front of the camera. Whenever you are in front of the mirror be it at home or in the car, you can actually practice how your face looks like. Think about the kind of look or emotion that you would like to channel or tap into during the photo shoot and try to practice that. It will turn out to be a huge advantage knowing that you know how you will end up looking like once the photos come out. Although most of the portrait photographers out there already have LED screens that will allow you to review how your photos turn out with ease, it will still get to save you so much more time if all of those facial expressions are well practiced and if you already know what to do with your facial muscles when you are aiming for certain expressions or for certain looks when it all comes down to it.

It’s OK not to have eye contact at times.

Posing for your portrait shots isn’t the same as with posing for headshots. You can definitely inject a little bit of creativity and a little bit of creativity by having a few shots here and there that capture your profile at a certain angle and without you looking straight into the camera all of the time. As a matter of fact, at certain points during the portrait photography session, your photographer might even ask you to pose this way. It would be a nice surprise if you make it a point to incorporate the mysterious looking portrait shots and poses without waiting for your portrait photographer to ask you to do it. Portrait photography can actually be pretty creative for as long as you are willing to explore what the options are and how you are going to execute them. A little bit of practice when it comes to this department certainly wouldn’t hurt either.

Pick a photographer you are the most comfortable with.

Most people don’t realize the value and the importance of having that sort of chemistry and connection with the photographer in a portrait photography shoot and this is one of the first things that you need to take into account if you would like to make sure that your session turns out to be a success.

Go for a venue that you are comfortable to be in.

It doesn’t matter if it is set in a pricey hotel room or in your own home. What’s important is that you are comfortable in the location that you are in. for more tips about portrait photography; make sure to visit the page of Alan Hutchison Photography. They are one of the leaders in portrait photography in the area and you can certainly learn a thing or two.

How Do Photographers Do SEO?

photography seoBy now, you are probably realizing the importance of implementing SEO in your site, blog and social media. Despite pictures quality being the first, SEO cannot compare less to it because those pictures would mean nothing if no one ever come to see them.

Without further ado, check out our list of photography SEO for dummies without having to understand technical terms yourself. We have made it easy even for people with zero knowledge on IT to know how to do SEO in less than 10 minutes:

Page naming / Permalink

Now to understand what is permalink, check out the address bar. You see the link? That is the link that lead to this particular page and that is what we call as permalink. When you read a particular page, less than often you read the title of the page, not the address bar, to know if this is the link you are looking for. But, for Google, both the title and the permalink matter. It involves a few words included in permalink into its directory when sending out results, so though it might mean more work, this is part of photography SEO. Example:


If take a picture from your phone, it immediately uses a default name that comprises of IMG+TIME+DATE or something like that. So it usually comes up as IMG11092017. That’s normal, it’s the protocol that many camera, whether it is digital or your camera phone have. When we download pictures, we don’t even care about the name but have you noticed how some are properly named, for example, Niagara-falls-beautiful-waterfall.jpg? Pretty self explanatory right?

Naming your pictures and videos this way are not meant to help those that download (probably without rights) the easiness to manage their files. It is meant for Google to take into consideration when people search, following the example I’ve said, beautiful waterfall, Niagara, Niagara Falls or maybe Niagara waterfalls.


You will write something. You will need to write something on your particular page if you want it to be stored in the database of Google to be brought out in search results. The reason is because people search by typing. Remember that you are a photographer and people will look for you, or your pictures, in keywords like event photographer, wedding photographer and the likes.

And of course, if you want your keywords to be considered as acceptable, it cannot be: hidden, spammed, outside readable space and other cheating methods. It will lead to a temporary to permanent banning of your site. Use them naturally throughout your blog.

Page loading speed

Oh yea, not just your visitors, even Google cares about this. The faster is your page, the higher is the chance of it overcoming the ranks. So, how?

Several tips and myths for this:

  • Do not use plugin. Wrong. Healthy, well-developed plugins usually help your page in putting in more functions and features to help you and the visitors. If you installed plugins that are not supported, not cared by developer and was never updated since 2010, of course it will screw with your site.
  • Arrange pictures, compress them. When you load for pictures on Google, they show a smaller version of the picture and only loads when opened. Of course, depending on the platform, the site you are using if you use a web hosting will help you optimize the size of the pictures.
  • Don’t use fancy background, because they cause the page to load slower and hard to navigate on mobile phones, not to mention how it messes with readability.

Tricks To Get Awesome Headshots

Look at the light.

headshot photographer Los AngelesThe thing about photography is that it is mainly based on how good the lighting is, and then you progress towards the angles. If you want your headshot photographer Los Angeles to capture the best headshots of you yet, then you need to start studying the light. Figure out where it is coming from. Try to see if this is the type of thing that you will be able to check out when it all comes down to it. Look for any openings where natural light can seep in or can come in. natural light is one of the best things that can really work well for you and for the headshot photographer Los Angeles session that you are trying to aim for and this is what you need to go ahead and prioritize as much as you possibly can when it all comes down to it. Don’t look straight into it though, make sure that it falls on your face at a sort of sideways angle and it will be far more flattering on you. Natural light is something that is soft and it can complement your complexion in all of the best ways

Time your blinks.

It can turn out to be a bit too annoying if you end up with headshots of you blinking all the time. It will not only be a challenge for your professional headshot photographer Los Angeles to take on, it will also turn out to be something that can ruin your shots altogether and this is something that you need to try to avoid as much as possible if you can help it. Look at the light long enough and time it with the headshot photographer Los Angeles clicking on the shutter. It tends to take up a little bit of time to try to get used to but it works and it is something that you should at least try to accomplish the right way at the end of the day. You need your eyes wide open in order for your headshots to come out looking like just the way that you have wanted them to right from the very beginning.

Practice your facial expressions.

It isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world but it is definitely something well worth practicing in the first place. You can practice at your own convenience and in private. It can be in front of a mirror or in your car or any way that will give you the opportunity to go ahead and get things done the right way. Knowing what you look like and how you are going to end pull off the looks that you want will make all of the difference in the world. This is something that your headshot photographer Los Angeles will really be able to appreciate.

Fix your hair.

It can take up as much space as your face and if you don’t get it arranged or fixed, you will end up with headshots that have bad hair. Make sure that it isn’t frizzy or anything like that. A little bit of hairspray and some hair serum will make all of the difference in getting your hair under control.

How To Limit Your Wedding Costs

Tone down the centrepieces.

photographers in ChicagoIn most of the deals or offers that you will be getting from your wedding so far, one of the main reasons why they can at times come off being way more expensive than you would probably think is because of the fact that the centrepieces will end up adding up on the bill and this is what you ought to do as much as possible when it all comes down to it. You don’t need extravagant centrepieces, to be honest. This is something that you can actually do without. You will be happy with the fact that you didn’t do anything much about the centrepieces. Although they are nice to have around, it doesn’t mean that you would have to blow off most of your wedding budget on them when you have other priorities that you would have to go ahead and take care of so far. You can also inject other unconventional elements to your wedding centrepieces such as nonfloral items such as seashells or jars filled with baubles and so on and so forth. Make the most of whatever it is that you may already have with you so far and this should help make things so much easier in the first place.

Don’t forget about the small details.

The small details can really make quite a difference to what you are trying to accomplish for the wedding day. You can have all of the best wedding venues and all of the best setups but the small details can turn out to make them so much better than they initially are so try to keep this in mind as much as possible and try to see what can be done about this so far. Assess what you can assess and don’t be afraid to be a little more creative than usual. If you aren’t the creative type and you don’t exactly trust in what your decisions are so far, you can always make it a point to bring in someone whose decisions that you can trust when it all comes down to it.

Hold detailed reviews with your vendors.

Listen to what clients before you have got to say about working for them and with them so far. Do these vendors have a lot of hidden charges or do they tend to overcharge for their main services so far? These are things that you would have to look into and know right off the bat if you are ever planning on hiring out the vendors that you have been assessing and that you have been planning to bring in for the main wedding day so far. If the photographers in Chicago that you are thinking about hiring don’t have a lot of good reviews, perhaps you should consider other options.

Always consider a theme.

The theme will be the backbone for the rest of the things that you are planning out for the wedding at the end of the day. It will help reel your ideas in and make sure that they aren’t all over the place so far. Relay this theme with the photographers in Chicago that you are working with.