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Commercial Videographer: An Artistic Marketing Job

commercial videographers WaterfordIn these days of the digital revolution, an advertisement comes in every possible form. Video marketing is one of the most successful and wanted strategy for business owners. Tapping into this world means you are ready to explore the business world more intensely and the help of commercial videographers Waterford can come in handy!

Where do you start?

In commercial videography, it is important that you recognize the purpose of the video. What does your client want to advertise? Is it to increase exposure of their brand? Is it to introduce a new product into the market? Or is it simply to remind people about their existence? With the purpose in mind, you can better direct a video that has a clear message for the viewers.

However, the job of shooting for commercial videos are not, or more exactly, cannot be simple anymore. Everyone else is doing the same thing, taking the same video and posting them the same way you would.

Take a creative approach

Being different is the only way to stand out these days. 40 years ago, being able to advert yourself through videos is something that already makes you stand out when others are still using flyers. When everyone is using TV and posting them on social media, what makes yours different?

Remember that a creative video can only go along if your client has a creative idea. What happens often in the field is that not everybody has the same ‘creative’ thinking. You will meet with some who think that just a ‘decent’ commercial video is enough. That is okay if that is what your client wishes for, comply with it.

Check out some decent, but very well-directed and shot videos by one of the best commercial videographers Waterford at Even decent videos have their own attractiveness when they are the sole video you see in, for example, a room.

For example, a good, high-quality shot of a French cuisine is sure to bring water to your mouth if that’s what you see among the various great features of a 5-star hotel. One way to bring out this kind of focus is to know what kind of things people like to pay attention to.

The brain

Our brain processes information in a very fast way and in this day and age when information is everywhere, we tend to avoid or ditch the ones that we think are unimportant (repetitive ad, repeated slogans). With this in mind, we need to remember that our ad has to bring quality content that attracts people immediately.

Emotional content is one of the best ways to attract them. Yet, note that this shouldn’t be overused. For example, instead of directing and making up the scene, you can use original scenes from the place. Alan Golden did a graduation video of an actual graduation, slipping in interviews session among it. This makes the whole video more real and connected to the viewers and inspire future students who will study there.

Another way is instead of promoting the toys and equipment of a gym, tap into the more emotional reasons people go there. Losing weight, healthier life, ideal body shape, beauty, and handsomeness; these are emotional things that trigger people. Working as commercial videographers Waterford is more than just taking videos; you become a marketing partner of your client as well!