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These Are Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

wedding photography HertfordshireOften, what matters the most from a photographer is how they explain themselves. In align with that, we have prepared several questions you should ask before book for a wedding photography Hertfordshire session.

From words, you can see if the photographer actually cares about you and is willing to do more. Sacrifices sometimes have to be made to achieve a better result and ensure that you are happy. Not all photographer is willing to do that, reasoning that they will do within what is promised.

Q: What is your experience?

You will want to hear about how long your photographer has been doing wedding photography Hertfordshire. Some photographers understand that clients are concerned about this and put it up on their website like in

You also want to hear their various experiences on taking themes wedding parties and pictures if you are doing one.

Q: Can you show me some more works?

Whatever is put up online is often the best; they want you to see only the best side. You, on the other hand, need to see their usual results. Ask for more portfolios or works to see if you still like them in general, not just their best ones.

Q: So, this is how I envision it to be, what do you think?

Reaction from your photographer after listening to your wedding is important. Are they enthusiastic? Or do they look bored and simply say, “It looks good.”? An important aspect here is also to see if your photographer has anything to say and is willing to advise you to improve it. Or they can reply you with questions to make sure they understand everything and can align your vision with what they’ll see through their lens.

This is probably the most important question. You need someone who can live up to what you really dream of because your wedding will only happen once. You want your photographer to be able to fully grasp the beauty of it and give it to you.

Q: Have you ever worked at my wedding venue?

Someone who has worked on other weddings in that same venue is always preferable, due to the fact that they’ve known the layout and where to stand or pose. If he/she has never worked there, then see if they mention anything about willing to visit the place once beforehand to ensure that they know the venue.

Q: Can you come to my rehearsal?

Even for the most professional wedding photographer, attending a rehearsal is still a vital point in their job. It allows photographers to know more about you, your friends, and family members. Group pictures will become so much easier if everyone has known each other beforehand.

If your photographer is a beginner, attending a rehearsal will give them the chance to explore the venue and test shoot with you. This is an important chance, so if they are willing to attend, that will be a good thing to note.

Q: How would you explain your working method?

You can change this question by asking how they took those pictures on their portfolios. Naturally, candid pictures will provide you with a wedding album that looks seamless and smooth. Nothing is made up and no one looks awkward.

Your photographer has to be able to work without attracting people and still capture important moments in the party. Staying hidden, yet, bold in capturing pictures are important.

DIY Bonbonniere: Make It, Show It, Photograph It

wedding photographer SouthamptonMaking your own bonbons to place in your wedding is a unique way to show that the wedding is ‘you’. And the Internet has become a place rich of creativity, tutorials, and ideas. There’s practically nothing you cannot find and know from Google and Pinterest is one of the places to go for DIYs.

Rather than bombarding you with DIY ideas though, we are here to help you prepare and plan everything. Making DIY bonbonnieres are not something that you do every day. And the right person that will capture these beautiful handmade bonbons would be Anna Morgan Photography, a wedding photographer Southampton, so do check them out!

Choose the bonbons early

Decide on what you will begin making early on. Somewhere around a year before is a good time!

Sheesh, that early?

Yup! This is because you will need to buy a lot of ingredients, molds, and practice. You will also need to find helpers that will help you make the bonbons.


If this is the first time that you try to make this kind of sweet, practice beforehand. Practice a few times and be sure to note down things that are different from the recipe and keep it. Seriously, keep it! You won’t have time to test it out again later and you’ll be stuck with awful bonbons for your guests!

At the same time, think of the packaging and presentation. How and where do you want the bonbons placed in your wedding? Some place them on a table at the entrance for people to look and enjoy looking at.

Buy the ingredients

After you are sure with what you are doing it’s time to procure the ingredients. Any ingredients that don’t go spoiled easily can be bought and stored for later use.

One month two weeks before the wedding

This is the right time to begin making the bonbons. Ask some friends to help with making this if there are a lot of guests that you have to attend to. This is also a great time to spend time with friends and just enjoy the night making bonbon and chatting around.

Don’t forget to also start making the packages and pack them as the day gets closer to your wedding.

Show them off!

It’s showtime! Show off your hard work to your guests and let it be appreciated by your friends! Don’t forget to gift those people who helped you something to appreciate their hand!

Tip your wedding photographer Southampton about this, so he/she can take more particular shots of the bonbonnieres.

You should also keep some for yourself and have them when you’re back from your honeymoon. Bonbons are great for reliving the happy day again.

Make it happen

You’ve read through this article, so maybe it’s time that you start the first step of deciding on your bonbon! It’s always better to start early, so whenever you have a change of mind, you can always have the time to practice again. The most important thing is to commit to the promise and schedule you’ve made. Doing things early will almost always save you from presenting rushed and half-hearted bonbons on your wedding.

Lastly, congratulations on your happy day and may the bonbons become a big success for your wedding!