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Kent Photographer Basic Gear

kent photographyA Kent photographer needs to have all his basic gear in place before he can have a shot at a career in it. Even if you are someone who is fairly skilled and technical in what you do as a wedding photographer, if you don’t have all of the right gear to deliver, it will all turn out to be a lost cause. At the end of the day, you need professional grade photography gear to help you see things through the day. Your clients will not be happy with photos that have the quality of sub standard cameras when it all comes down to it. They are not paying you top dollar for something like this. You need to make sure that you get to bring them the best and nothing but the best every single time. Take the time to really save up so that you get to compile the gear that you need to compile before you try to chase after prospects in full throttle as a professional wedding photographer.

Two cameras

It will be irresponsible for a Kent photographer to only have one camera with him when he has a wedding to shoot. You need to make sure that no matter what happens, you always have a spare brought along with you all of the time. Equipment failure is something that can happen to anyone and at any give time. There really is no way for you to possibly pre-empt something like that. You might as well make sure that you get to come prepared all of the time. A second camera will get to make sure that you always have a spare in the background one way or the other in case something comes up. If you don’t have enough money to buy your own second camera just yet, you can always borrow or rent something out. It can be the perfect meantime solution until such time wherein you will be able to afford a second camera purchase.


Lenses are also extremely important in Kent photography. You basically need to lenses to start things off with as a wedding photographer. You need a telephoto lens in order for you to be equipped well enough to take great portrait and closeup shots during the wedding. At the same time, you also need a wide angle lens so that you will be able to take group shots of a huge number of people without coming across any difficulties in making them all fit into the view angle of you camera lens. These two basic lenses cost a lot of money. If it is not the kind of money that you have on you just yet, you want want to opt for a meantime solution in the form of a medium zoom lens. It can do a little bit of what the two lenses can do without the ensuing price.


A tripod may be just an accessory but it is one of the most important accessories in a Kent photographer’s book. Bring a tripod along with you even if you feel as if you have the steadiest hands in the world. It is something that you will need one way or the other.