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How Wedding Photographers Dundee Should Conduct Shoots


Wedding photographers Dundee should know that the venue needs to be wedding photography tipsmapped out in advance in order for the shoot to turn out as a success. Go out of your way to find out as much as you possibly can about the place. You need to know whether or not you have enough space to work around in, whether you will be dealing with a low light situation or not, whether the influx of guests will impede your movements and block your angles as a wedding photographer, and so on and so forth. Most people miss out on how important it is to figure out the configuration of the wedding venue.

As a professional, you should not let little details like these escape you because it can be quite crucial and pivotal to the success of your wedding photo shoot as a whole. You should be more than happy to get things checked out the right way as you go along. Talk to the clients about this. Let them know the importance of getting you acquainted with the wedding venue ahead of time. Talk to them about the possibility of getting an engagement shoot under way. You can never really be too thorough when it comes to the aspect of preparing yourself ahead of time for the wedding venue.


Delays are inevitable and this is something that wedding photographers Dundee should prepare for. If you have something planned out for an hour, you might as well make sure that you factor in the possibility of delays during the wedding photo shoot and cut that time frame down to 30 minutes as much as possible. This will save you the stress and the frustration of having to follow through on a stringent back to back schedule when it all comes down to it. Weddings are next to impossible to perfect in terms of the schedule and how things will flow by during the day of the event. There are so many wedding vendors involved and so many people are being relied on to follow through on what they are supposed to do or deliver that something is bound to come amiss one way or the other. This is no reason for you to be upset about things though. For as long as you have put in the necessary prep work for it and for as long as you have more than enough contingencies set in place ahead of time, you should be in pretty good hands.

Family photo shoots

Family photo shoots can be messy and time consuming for wedding photographers Dundee. It is important and most practical to get a family photo coordinator. This is the kind of thing that you need to bring someone in for. Get the coordinator to bark out instructions for the guests while you go ahead and take your photos in peace. It is the perfect setup and if the bride can rig you up for that, you will not have anything to worry about for the family photo shoot part of the wedding coverage.

What To Know About Photography SEO

Bookmark images

seo for photographers Make it a point to submit your images to different image bookmarking sites because this will work well for photography SEO. When you get your images bookmarked, you are technically increasing your chances of getting other people to come across them and to see them. This means that once people get to come across your images, it directly results to you getting more traffic to your site at the end of the day. This technically means more work for you as a photographer and blogger but it is extra time and effort that will all well be worth it in the end. SEO is a statistics and numbers game.

If there is any way or any possibility for you to increase your numbers and your chances when it comes to getting hit up by search engines and when it comes to getting more people to be directed at your site and your images, then by all means, you should make the most out of it. It means extra work but that’s the main reason why you are doing this in the first place. If you are going to end up doing something and it turns out to be just halfway through any way, you are just wasting your time. You might as well get things done the right way all the way through and gain measurable results out of it. This is something that you will grow accustomed to and get the hang of in the long run.

Promote your blog entries though social media

This is a photography SEO strategy that will notify your existing followers about any updates in your blog. When you go ahead and promote stuff on social media, you are technically merging your social media followers along with your blog subscribers. You have to take note of the very likely possibility that your social media followers will not always be aware or all that updated about the things that are going on in your blog. You should make it a point to always get things like these checked out as much as possible because you never really know when one of these people might turn out to be a potential client for you at the end of the day. You just have to keep trying and you just have to keep working on it as much as possible and cross your fingers and hope that something turns up one way or the other. You actually have the option to filter off social media contacts when you are looking them up. You can filter them off based on geographic location, demographics, and yes, even based off of relationship status. Logically, you should be aiming for those who are in a relationship or for those who are currently engaged.


Make quality connections and network with any other photobloggers you might want to connect with as well if you want to make the most out of photography SEO. The more you follow them, the more you get the most out of what they are putting up and apply it on your own blogs.

Natural Wedding Photography Shooting Tips To Live By

Make subject feel comfortable.

natural wedding photographyIf you are going for a natural wedding photography style in your wedding coverage, one thing to take note of is to always go out of your way to make the subjects feel comfortable and to make them feel as if they can be themselves without getting judged for it. As a wedding photographer, dressed well and with all of that expensive looking gear around you, you can understand how easy it is for the subjects to get intimidated by you when it all comes down to it. Subjects that are uncomfortable almost never get photographed well. This is what you should constantly keep in mind the entire time that you are shooting as someone’s official wedding photographer.

If you are opting for natural looking photos, this is a major player to the way that your final photos will turn out to be by the end of the photo shoot. You need to go out of your way to talk to your clients or to the subjects that you are working with. Make them feel at ease. It helps if you can bring a tripod along with you. This way, you spend less time behind the camera and more time connecting with them. It really tends to help out a lot when the subjects feel as if they are dealing with an actual human being who is just like them and who can really connect to them other than just someone extremely cool and professional who doesn’t even bother to look at them other than from behind the lens of the camera all of the time.

Encourage the element of touch during a natural wedding photography shoot.

When people touch in the photos, it evokes emotions and that feeling of closeness and togetherness and words cannot express in pretty much the same way. This is what you should constantly be aiming for in the photo shoots that you go ahead and organize as a wedding photographer. Make it a point to always have the subjects bridge the physical gap as much as possible. If you are trying to go ahead and get group photos or group shots taken, make sure that there are no physical gaps in between. It can make them look and feel detached and divided somehow and that is something that you should go ahead and try to remedy as much as possible when it all comes down to it. The mere tap on the shoulder or heads coming together can have quite an effect on the photos that you are trying to produce. Touch should always be incorporated in the wedding photos. After all, a wedding is the coming together of two people as well as of two families and friends from both sides. The pictures should be able to tell just as much at the end of the day.

Pay attention to the kiss.

It doesn’t have to be just during the ceremony alone. Include the kissing routine in the engagement shoot. Include it in the couple photos. A kiss is an embodiment of love and devotion and as a photographer, you need to go out of your way to make sure that it is documented the right way.

Why a Wedding Photographer Needs a Tripod

The claims that state that a tripod can make a wedding photographer’s pictures come out 2x better is not an exaggeration.

tripodA tripod really can make a huge difference to your overall output as a wedding photographer and this is something that has been proven true time and time again. If you are still a bit skeptical when it comes to this, you can put it to the test. Take a series of shots with your camera being held by hand the entire time. Proceed to take the same series of shots in pretty much the same way but with your camera mounted on your tripod. Check out the final results and compare how the quality of the images turn out. You will see that the photos taken when the camera is mounted on a tripod turned out to look so much clearer and crisper and this is something that can really improve your photo quality as a wedding photographer. Being a veritable expert in the visual arts, there is no such thing as a difference too small, even if it involves just 1/1000 of an inch in terms of quality. The crisper and the clearer the photo turns out to be, the better and the more ideal it is.

A tripod can get you out of a pickle if you are dealing with a bad lighting situation.

As a wedding photographer, you will not really have the luxury to control the kind of lighting situation that you will be given with. You will have to work with whatever is right in front of you right now and then take it from there. If you are dealing with a low light setting and you need to switch to a prime lens or to a longer lens for better quality, there is a possibility that your camera might shake or vibrate a little. This is a normal reaction and at times even expected. This can alter the overall quality of the photos being taken though and you run the risk of producing blurred looking photos somewhere in the long run. This is a possibility that you should go ahead and try to minimize or remove altogether as a professional wedding photographer. When you have a tripod anchoring your camera down, those shakes are eliminated and will most likely not end up affecting the overall quality of your photos.

A tripod can free up your hands and allows you to be creative.

There are a lot of times wherein you will need to take a quick step back just to assess the situation as a Cheshire wedding photographer. When you have a tripod with out, you don’t have to work on recomposing and refocusing because your camera will be right where you left it because you mounted it on a fixed tripod position. When you are looking at things from up close all of the time, it can be pretty easy to get burned out. A different perspective can turn out to bring in fresher things.