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The Challenges of Being a Wedding Photographer

Be equipped.

wedding photography tipsThe equipment that you need as a wedding photographer does not come cheap. Professional grade photography equipment has always been and will always be quite expensive. This is something that you should be ready for and something that you should go ahead and brace yourself for at the start of your journey as a wedding photographer. You should be willing enough to put up some sacrifices if it means that you will be able to save up for all of the gear that you will end up using as a professional wedding photographer. The good thing about using equipment as a wedding photographer is that you don’t have to buy them all in one go.

Reach out for those that you can afford for the time being.

As for the rest of the things that you may end up needing, you can either borrow them for now or you can also try to rent them out. There is no rush when it comes to acquiring equipment. For as long as you will be able to bring the gear that you need along with you in the photo shoot, it doesn’t matter if you have to return it to its rightful owner by the end of the shoot. There are also a lot of sources online that sell out pre loved or second hand wedding photography gear. Check those out as well and expand your options as much as possible.

Gain experience.

You will need to gain experience as a wedding photographer before you can start taking on clients. You can’t start booking people for their weddings if you have never done it before. You need to start working on gaining relevant experience at first. There are a lot of ways for you to gain experience as a wedding photographer but the most common and the fastest way is gaining it through internships and apprenticeships. There are internships constantly being given out and offered out by more experienced wedding photographers who need the extra hands and manpower. This is something that you can take advantage of as an aspiring wedding photographer. You will be gaining experience under the tutelage of a true expert wedding photographer who has been doing this for a living for years and years. You are bound to learn something from it and take something away from the experience for as long as you are open enough and attentive enough for it. Be patient with the applications. Some of these may take some time but they are well worth the wait.

Most of your early jobs would most likely be pro bono.

Pro bono basically means that you will be rendering your wedding photographer services for free. This is common and actually even encouraged. Try to offer out your services for free for that cousin who is getting married next month. If you are not that confident just yet with your skills as a wedding photographer, you might want to just be the backup wedding photographer or the second shooter. Reach out to your other relatives and close friends who might be getting married sometime soon. This is a great way for you to get your feet wet and to get a feel for what the rigors of the job are as a wedding photographer Essex.

Why Wedding Photographers Need to Be Visually Engaging

Be visually engaging

wedding photographerIf there is something that wedding photographers should always try to put in through their social media profiles, it should be to constantly work on being visually engaging in the things that they put up for their audiences and followers. People won’t really be titillated to go ahead and follow you and follow the activity that you have up on your social media if they don’t find your content as something that is eye catching and exciting when it all comes down to it. This is something that can actually turn out to be far easier than you would initially think. You don’t even have to spend too much time over it. For as long as you are able to actually properly compose your thoughts and all of the things that you would like to include in your content, you should be more than able to produce the kind of thing that people will be interested in.

Grow social media following

This kind of approach will get to really help you grow your social media following and it is also something that will get people to really appreciate what you put in. If you go through the motions of really putting in the right kind of effort that will captivate your audience and will encourage them to take a closer look at your profile, then you know that you are off to a pretty good start. It is extremely important for wedding photographers in particular to put out great looking visuals in their posts because this is what they bank on for a living. People will have the impression that you are good at what you do as a wedding photographer because you have great looking pictures to begin with. It is all a mind conditioning exercise that may eventually lead up to you booking potential clients in the long run. Check out for more ideas.

Incorporate great looking videos

If you will be able to incorporate great looking videos as well, then go ahead and do so. It may take a little more time and effort and it may require you to make use of some software programs somewhere along the way but what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that this is something that your audience will really be able to appreciate. This can encourage engagement even more and you will be able to spark more dialogues out of these videos if you take the time out of your day to really make sure that they are included in your posts at some point or so.

Incorporate pics into a video.

If you have a bunch of pictures that you would like to feature in your post, instead of putting them up in a succession of shots, you should incorporate them in a video instead. This way, people will be able to see them or have access to them all in one click and it won’t take too much trouble to upload as well. You will be able to better express some kind of coherence in what you are doing in stringing the pictures together and you will be better able to paint a scenario by putting them together in a video.

Memory Card and Battery Tips for Every Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyYou should always make sure that you are able to come into the wedding photography shoot fully prepared and ready for whatever is about to down and for whatever it is that you will need to do as a professional wedding photographer. Preparation and proper planning is the key to making sure that everything that you do as a wedding photographer is something that will ultimately turn out to be a success in the long run. Any minor slips somewhere along the way can turn out to have some truly catastrophic and tragic results and you really can’t have any of that at the end of the day.  You need to plan out every single detail and every single possible contingency so that nothing ever escapes you. As a professional, you need everything covered and everything planned out down to a T as much as possible.

Memory cards and batteries

Your memory cards and your batteries are two of the most important accessories that you will ever get to need as a professional wedding photographer. You need to take good care of your memory cards and of your camera batteries as much as possible.

Fix memory card formatting issues

The most common issue that you will come across with your memory cards as a professional wedding photographer is the aspect of your memory cards getting formatting issues or errors. You can’t have your memory cards getting corrupted while you are in the middle of a wedding photography shoot as the official presiding wedding photographer. You will end up losing a lot of your precious files in the process and you can’t afford running that kind of risk. Remember the fact that you are basically dealing with paying wedding photography clients. They deserve nothing but the very best at the end of the day. Take care of your memory cards all of the time. Make sure that you back up your files all of the time. Make a habit out of constantly emptying the memory cards so that you will be able to minimize any formatting issues that you might come across with somewhere along the way. Most of the DSLR cameras out there also have dual slots for memory cards. Configure the setting in such a way wherein it will write on both cards at the same time, making sure that you are automatically backed up right then and there.

As for your camera batteries, going with just one battery will simply not be enough.

You need to get yourself about two or three extra batteries per camera. Most of the batteries out there are actually fairly affordable and you can get batteries for about $20 per piece. It won’t end up hurting your budget or your finances too much as a professional kent wedding photographer. Make sure that your batteries are all fully charged and ready to go so that you don’t ever run out while you are shooting weddings as the official wedding photographer. It would also be nice if you can have an area in the wedding venue that you can set up as some kind of docking station so that you can simultaneously swap out the camera batteries that do go out.

Coming in Prepared as a wedding photographer

wedding photography tipsAs a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you always come prepared whenever you have a  wedding photography shoot to cover. There will always be incidents that will pop up every now and then. You need to make sure that you will be able to address them and put up some contingencies so that you will be able to quickly remedy them as they come along.

You can’t afford to allow anything to impede or to delay your itinerary of shots or what you have already scheduled ahead of time as a professional  wedding photographer. You will have to think ahead and be two steps ahead of the game all of the time. This is something that your clients will really be able to appreciate tremendously.

Come in prepared

Coming in prepared for anything that might happen isn’t actually as hard as you would initially think. For as long as you know the usual things that happen during the  wedding photography shoot, you will be able to equip yourself efficiently as a  wedding photographer. It doesn’t have to cost you too much money either. Sometimes, all that it will really take for you to come in prepared is to bring along nothing more than the most basic of items and a whole lot of foresight and wisdom for what it about to go down when it all comes down to it. Pay attention and be alert and watch out for all of the possibilities and you will never have to stress about covering a  wedding photography shoot ever again as its official  wedding photographer essex

Bring a roll of white tarpaulin sheet.

The first thing that you will need to prepare especially if you are shooting in an outdoor venue is a roll of white tarpaulin sheet. You will never really know for sure what the outdoor situation is or how it will turn out. You might need to ask the bride to pose in tricky spots that might more or less put her wedding dress at risk. You can’t afford to let them happen. There is a pretty good chance that the bride might not cooperate with you when it all comes down to it. You need to come in prepared for situations like these. Bringing a white sheet along that the bride can step on so that her dress doesn’t get ruined during outdoor shoots is crucial to your success as a  wedding photographer.

Bring an emergency kit.

You should also make it a point to bring together some kind of emergency kit for any fashion emergencies during the wedding photography shoot. You would think that with all of the premiums being added on by wedding tailors, that the quality would turn out to be so much better than usual but you are actually wrong. Most of these tailoring jobs are rushed. They are almost always running on some kind of a time crunch so quality will not always be guaranteed. Bring some sticky tape along to save the day. You should also consider checking out the possibility of stains so a bottle of stain remover won’t hurt either. A few pins and maybe a needle or some thread might help you out as well.