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Wrong Ways Wedding Photographers Use Their Tripods

Qualitytripod mistakes

New wedding photographers are oftentimes strapped for cash and because of this; they tend to settle for whatever is cheap. Cheap does not offer the same quality that the regular priced ones are able to do so. This is pretty much the same way with tripods. You have to remember that what you are putting on your tripod is worth hundreds or sometimes even thousands of dollars worth of photography equipment. You need a tripod that is stable and sturdy enough to be entrusted with really expensive gear at the end of the day. If money is an issue for you, there is always a way for you to get out of it and still get the problem solved. You do not have to buy the tripod right out just yet if you do not have enough money to get a high quality tripod. You can borrow a tripod from one of your friends. If you cannot find anyone who can lead you one, then you should find something to rent out instead. There are a lot of places that offer photography gear and other accessories for lease for a fairly reasonable amount.

A lot of wedding photographers make the miscalculation of leaving their tripods behind at home. It will not make sense for you if you actually go through the trouble of getting yourself a high quality tripod and end up not using it in the first place. You do not want to get stuck in a situation wherein you will have a really dire need for a tripod but you can’t take care of that need because you left it at home and did not bother to bring it to work with you in the first place. Do not be caught up in that kind of setup. Bring your tripod with you all of the time because you will have a need for it one way or the other. if you are having issues with the weight and with the difficulty to bring it along with you all of the time, ten try to look for a tripod that is built for mobility so that you will be able to transport it easily enough.

Center column

Extending the center column of the tripod at the first time that you come up with a need for elevation for your camera is not something that you will want to do just yet. The center column of the tripod is something that you should avoid from touching as much as possible. It is the proverbial Achilles’ heel of the tripod and you should not touch it. If you need additional height, look at the possible leg extensions that you could go for instead.  The center column is one of the trickiest things to touch so as much as possible, do not touch it. It is the softest part of the tripod and it can bend in anytime.

Tripod legs

Do not extend the bottom parts of the tripod legs first because they are less stable than the top parts of the tripod legs. The bottom parts are usually thinner than the top parts of the legs. Try to keep that in mind the next time you stretch them out.