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Smart Business Tips For Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsIf starting out a wedding photography business is something that you are really thinking about ding in the long run, there really is no reason for you to delay it or to postpone it at some point or so. If you are absolutely sure about wedding photography being something that you are passionate about or something that you will be eventually really in love with for more years to come, then you should start working on pursuing your dreams today. It doesn’t have to be anything big or drastic.

Try to start out with baby steps

Every tiny baby step is something that will be able to take you there once the time is right. You can start off with something silly or trivial such as printing out a business card even if you haven’t really officially launched your wedding photography business just yet. Whip out a pad of paper and write down a skeleton outline of your proposed business model for the wedding photography business that you would like to try out. The longer that you delay or hold off on chasing after your dreams of starting a career in wedding photography, the harder things will turn out to be because there will be seeds of doubt that will start to plant themselves in your subconscious over time. There will be more distractions that will get your attention away from your ultimate goal. Make it a point to really seize the day and to just decide to do it today. Do not delay or postpone anymore. Just get out there and opt to do things or to get the ball rolling today and things will eventually fall into place. Work on your dreams a little bit every day but keep moving forward because you will eventually get there.


Networking is one of the smartest business moves in wedding photography and it is something that you should really aim to do as much as possible. You need to know how to get out there and really talk to people and just introduce yourself and tell them about what you do for a living or what kind of business you are trying to promote. One strategic and highly effective way to network in wedding photography is to get in touch with the other wedding photographers London in your area. Check out online forums and groups or associations of professional wedding photographers near you and request for access or ask to join those said groups.

Attend events

You should also go through the motion of really be able to attend events and soirees or other social functions that they might organize for their group members. It helps a lot if you get to know people in the industry that you are working in because this will give them a chance to recommend you or get you referrals or even lend you a spare camera or any other photography accessory in the event that you need one at some point or so. This is also the perfect venue for you to find out about updates on techniques or current trends in wedding photography.

Wedding Photography 101


tripodIt doesn’t really matter what kind of lighting you will be dealt with or handed with during the wedding photography shoot. It can be a high light setting or a low light setting but the truth of the matter is that you will still be able to really gain a lot of benefits from the use of a tripod. a tripod is hands down one of the first few photography accessories that you get to really make sure that you have with you all of the time even if you are only new to wedding photography. A tripod can stabilize the camera and make sure that it is stock still and kept at a fixed position during the moment that the photos are being taken.

A tripod can instantly boost the quality of your wedding photography photos right then and there so you should really pack it in and bring it along with you all of the time. You need to make sure that you are able to invest in a high quality tripod that will really be strong and sturdy enough to support your camera and the lens that you choose to mount on it when it all comes down to it. Don’t settle for a cheap but sub standard tripod. You will end up doing more harm than good if you continue to walk down this road. A cheap and flimsy tripod can topple over and can have your gear come crashing down on the floor. You can’t afford to run this kind of risk because it just wouldn’t make sense. If you can’t afford to purchase a high quality tripod just yet, then you should borrow one instead just until you are able to save up until you have enough to go ahead and buy your own.

No flash

The secret to coming up with really great wedding photography final finished photos is for you to keep things as natural and as in the moment as you possibly can. One way for you to be able to pull something like this off would be for you to minimize the use of flash as much as possible. Flash photography can be quite harsh and it can be distracting to the people that you are taking photos of because the light comes out in sudden and extremely bright spurts and you don’t want any of that if you are trying to go after photos that look natural and candid. Try to make do with whatever kind of lighting you are being given with. Natural light really is the best way to go and that’s the long and short of it but if it is not something that is possible for you to get a hold of, then you should opt for strobes instead. They are steady and stable and they won’t end up startling anyone. Strobes can be quite expensive though and they require some time to be set up and prepared so unless you absolutely have to and unless there really is no way around it in wedding photography, then that should be the time for you to opt for flash photography.

How To Be A Great Event Photographer

A great event photographer always comes in before everyone else does.

event photographyCome to the event at least an hour or so earlier than everyone starts coming in so that you can assess the place without any distractions whatsoever. There is a pretty good chance that the event is already set up and arranged for during that time so this is the perfect opportunity for you to be able to pay attention to the little details that the event organizers have gone through the effort to actually set up. Although this may not be a part of the list of official shots that you and the client may have initially discussed, they will certainly understand the effort that you put in for coming in early so you can take the pre-event shots. It’s usually the little details that count. Check out how the floral arrangements look on the table, or the design on the name cards, or the lace trimmings on the invitations, and so on and so forth. Always think on your feet and keep a keen eye out for details if you can help it.

Dress decently and try to blend in with the crowd.

If you are attending as the event photographer of a formal event, then you should dress like so. If it’s black tie, then come in with a black tie outfit. If it’s Hawaiian, then you should also go Hawaiian, and so on and so forth. If you want to stick to just one kind of dress code that will surely work with most of the events that you are covering, then business casual is the way to go. Business casual is something that is pretty easy enough to pull together. You don’t have to think too much about it. You don’t have to buy any extra pieces of clothes just for you to be able to show up in a business casual outfit. You most likely already have everything that you could ever need somewhere in your closet which is why business casual is not only a good choice to go with because it’s versatile, it’s also a pretty practical choice for you at the end of the day because you don’t have to spend any additional amount of money on clothes.

A smart event photographer makes sure that he does not overshoot.

Overshooting will cloud up your thoughts and will really get to mess up your decision making process once you are done covering the event so it is something that you should avoid from doing as much as possible. Stick to three clicks per person or per scene and that should be it, no more than that.

Don’t take too much of other people’s time.

People are there to spend time in the event, not to spend time with you as the event photographer and that is something that you will need to remember while you are taking their photos. Keep it short and let them move on with their lives.

Don’t procrastinate when it’s time for you to edit the photos.

Work fast and get the job done as soon as possible. Clients usually get impressed when there is a pretty fast turnaround time for the final finished photos.

Secrets To Newborn Photography Revealed

newborn photographyNewborn photography may not be the most in demand of all of the photography niches in the industry but what you can almost always bank on is the fact that somehow, somewhere, there will come a time wherein people will more or less ask you if you can do a little newborn photography on the side. This is something that you should come prepared for as much as possible. The first few days or weeks leading up to the newborn photography calgary shoot is one of the most tense and stressful phases in the lives of parents. They are still trying to get acclimated to the fact that they now have to deal with a completely new member in the family. They will want something to really get to remember that stage in their lives by when it all comes down to it. These days can be quite fleeting and that is why making sure that you are able to photograph the newborn baby right is important and is highly valued at the end of the day.

Prepare early

The first thing that you will need to do is to make sure that you are able to really prep things right before the actual newborn photography shoot. You have to understand that you have a very limited time window for the actual photo shoot so once you actually get there; you will need to be able to get right on to the tasks that you are supposed to go do without any delays whatsoever. Time is not on your side during the newborn photography shoot so go through things as efficiently as you possibly can. Take the time to get a good system going on so that you can set up and pack up in only a matter of minutes.

Check lighting

Yu also need to take note of the fact that lighting really is everything when it comes to photography. One of the most common mistakes that people tend to commit in photography is that they usually go for lighting that is not exactly the most flattering kind for the photos that you are trying to compose or bring together. Basically speaking, what you are looking for is the kind of lighting that is soft and broad because this is the most flattering kind of lighting. Natural light should be your primary lighting of choice but if that is not possible to get a hold of like if you are indoors, then you should make it a point to get some kind of diffuser so that you can scatter out the artificial light that you may end up using in lieu of the usual natural kind of light.

Right timing

Timing is crucial when it comes to newborn photography so make it a point to really schedule the photo shoot during the first ten days of the baby’s life. This is the time that’s perfect for taking pictures because the baby is asleep most of the time and you won’t really get too many objections in the form of squirming or crying. A good add-on tip is for you to whip out the macro lens while the baby is asleep because it’s the perfect time to take those detailed shots.

How To Get Natural Looking Pictures As A Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, one of your greatest strengths should be the ability to flit back and forth from one photography style to another.

wedding photographyThe most marketable wedding photographers out there are also the most versatile ones. If you want to be a big hit in your niche, then you should strive to be excellent in all aspects, if you can help it. You need to be able to deliver exactly what the clients want and how they want it. You have to remember that although that you graciously being given certain artistic liberties as the official wedding photographer andover, at the end of the day, it is their vision that you are bringing to life and not yours. You should consider yourself as the skilled executor of what they would like to happen.

One of the most in demand requests coming from wedding photography clients is that they want their wedding photos to look “natural”.

This is far harder than it actually sounds though because it is quite intrinsic to people to just freak out and make sure that they look good once they know that they are being scrutinized by a camera. There are some things that you can do to help stage the natural look though. In group photos, it is usually helpful to tell people to get in touch with each other. It can be just a simple arm over the shoulder or even jus the shoulders touching during group photos. Little things like actual physical connection really can spell the difference between awkward and uncomfortable looking photos and natural looking ones. Get this done right and you should be well on your way to getting great photos that look natural.

You should also have the couple try the walking routine.

Photograph them all the way. Have them at first walk away from you and then eventually walk towards you. Walking is one of the most natural things that people do. It helps them keep their mind off of things and it helps relax them as well at some point. Have them talk about something light, like maybe what they would like to eat for dinner, or something like that. A couple in a conversation while they are walking around is the perfect recipe for natural wedding photography success and it is definitely something worth trying out.

Make people feel comfortable.

There have been all too many instances wherein the wedding photographer notices some amount of discomfort or awkwardness in the people that he is taking photos of but he still chooses to click away without doing anything about it. If you want your photos to turn out looking great in the process, then you should do your best to make sure that you make them feel as comfortable as possible while you are taking your photos. Take your distance if you have to. Engage them in light conversation. You can even be funny and try to entertain them, anything to help them ward off any feelings of discomfort because at the end of the day, when they are not comfortable, it really will show in the photos that you are taking.

How To Get An Appealing Wedding Photography Turnout

Have people move slowly during the wedding photography shoot so that you can get the best possible exposure for your images.

weddding photography tipsThe best way for you to be able to get the best amount of exposure for your photos would be if you could slow things down in the process. Although events per se are pretty hard to dictate or to persuade to slow down a little, toucan do that to people. Talk to the main people involved in the wedding and have them slow down as much as possible so that you can work in your exposure options without too much trouble. Tell the couple to kiss slower than usual. Ask the bridesmaids if they can slow down the bridal march a little. There are so many different players in the wedding and you can talk to them all and advise them to slow down a little bit so that you get the best possible results for your wedding photography project.

Bring some props for the shoot.

Some wedding photography props can really embellish your photos the right. They can also bring in the fun factor in your wedding photo shoot and that is something that you should make use of as well if you can help it. The good thing in all of this is the fact that most of these props are things that you can actually make yourself with common office supplies that you can get from the store any time you have a need or a want for it. The internet is rich with a bunch of different prop ideas that you can really play around with for your Cheshire wedding photography shoot. Look up the props that will go well with the theme that you are going for the wedding as well as with the color schemes and the “vibe”, if there ever is a thing for it.

Hurry up and move around during the wedding photography shoot.

Wedding photography charges so much more than the other legs of professional photography out there and the main reason for that is because it takes so much more work and just so much more time to get things done and to deliver the actual service. You need to move your feet around and be well positioned before people start coming in and before moments even start to happen. Get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes and make sure that you are able to dress yourself appropriately enough for you to really be able to keep up with the events and with the moments that you are trying to shoot.

Attend the rehearsal.

The rehearsal is the event before the main actual event. You will get to practice your shots and get to know the people who you are working with better. You can make them feel more comfortable with having you around leading up until the wedding. Get to know the main people involved in the wedding and try to know the sequence of the wedding by heart as well.

How To Make Clients Book You As A Wedding Photographer

Research the best photography courses and improve your skills as a wedding photographer.

wedding photographyThis is something that you will need to approach carefully enough though. When it all comes down to it, photography courses really cost a lot of money. You have to treat it as such: an investment. Think things through as much as possible. Think about the background and the experience that the instructor has to offer out to you and to the rest of the other students who will be taking up the course. You should also make it a point to really check the syllabus of the photography course. You need to be assured that the things that are to be discussed in the course are things that you will actually be able to benefit from one way or the other. You need to go through with a photography course that you can afford. Save up for it and pool your resources for it. Any rash decisions will lead you to make a bad turn in the end of it all.

Find an expert wedding photographer to help mentor you.

Starting out on a career in wedding photography is not the easiest thing to do. There are a lot of different challenges that you will face along the way before you will even get the chance of tasting the first few moments of success. You need someone more experienced than you to help you navigate the extremely confusing world of wedding photography. Figure things out as much as possible and get in touch with your mentor. Meet up with him every now and then so that he will have the means to track your progress in your career. More than just the technical aspects of wedding photography, you will also learn a lot of business perspectives from a more seasoned source.

In order to be a bookable wedding photographer, you need to get experience first.

This is something that can really be far tougher than it sounds. In order for you to get experience, you will need to actually start working on actual weddings before you can book your own weddings in the process. What you can do about this is for you to offer your assistance to the rest of the other professional wedding photographers who have come before you. Reach out to a wedding photographer berkshire and offer to be the second shooter in the weddings that they do book. This will give you enough experience to at least find your way around the wedding sequences. You need to get into this knowing exactly what you are doing and knowing every little bit of detail about it.

Keep the company of people who support you and your aspirations as a wedding photographer.

This is not an easy dream to go after. A lot of people might think that you are going after what should just be a “hobby” but that is not the case and they can’t understand that. However, at the end of the day, you will need to stay strong and stay true to the cause. Keep yourself interested and inspired all of the time.

Things You Must Know About Wedding Photography

Wear a comfortable pair of shoes during your wedding photography coverage.

wedding photographyWedding photography is one of those niches that is way up there in the pricing strata. This kind of pricing situation is not just random, mind you. The reason why it costs so much or the reason why you can charge so high for it because it requires a lot of hours and is actually quite labor intensive. It is very technical and requires you to go about the event knowing your camera settings, editing options, lighting options, and so on and so forth like the back of your hand. It will require you to walk a lot and at times even have you running to and fro during the wedding day event.

Weddings are also quite long and you will need to make sure that you are able to more or less build up the stamina for it one way or the other.

Dress up smartly while you are covering wedding events. Make sure that you get yourself a pair of comfortable shoes that will allow you to do all that walking with the smallest possible trouble. That paid of heels may be quite tempting and might go well with what you are wearing but imagine how you will feel two to three hours down the road of nonstop walking.

Manage the snap shooters during the wedding photography shoot.

There will always be people in the guest list who will try to snap pictures of their own. These people are under the premise that they are somewhat the “unofficial photographers” during the wedding. That’s all quite alright really for as long as you are able to make sure that they do not get to interfere with your schedule of shots. Plan out your photo shoot accordingly. Advise the snap shooters ahead of time that you will be giving a few moments in between takes for them to take pictures of their own but that you would like them to steer clear when you are at the help. Be friend and polite but still firm enough for them to listen. Managing people comes with the territory so make sure you learn how to get it done the right way.

Talk to the bride and set things straight for as far as the wedding photography agreement is concerned.

The bride is the best person for you to talk to and consult with. Most of the brides really are quite hands on with the weddings that they are planning to make sure that you are able to run everything by them. Keep them in the loop at all times and make sure that there are no transparency issues for as far as the agreement is concerned. You also have to tread lightly and proceed with tact and caution when there are things you do not agree on. The planning process is one of the most stressful and most trying times for the bride.

Do not miss any important shots.

This is not one argument you would want to get into. Get a list of important moments to shoot from the couple and make sure that you are able to follow through as much as possible to avoid it.

How To Get Better At Wedding Photography

Tip off the bridesmaids on how to conduct themselves in the wedding photography project.

wedding photographyBridesmaids have a pretty simple thing to do. They will just have to walk down the aisle and look photo worthy in the process. This sounds far easier than it actually is in reality though and that is something that you will need to take into consideration as the expert in wedding photography. Talk to the bridesmaids ahead of time and give them a few tips on how they should do things so that they come out looking great in the photos that you are taking. Advice the bridesmaids to hold their bouquets a little lower than the belly button level because having them up high will get in the way of the dresses as well as the rest of their features from being photographed well. Tell them to walk a little slower than usual and to smile as well as much as possible. These are somewhat petty sounding tips when you come to think of it but they all sum up nicely. Always give the bridesmaids a pep talk before the march even for just a few minutes.

Check out the venue of the wedding before the actual wedding photography event. you need to be able to familiarize yourself with the venue at some point or so up to the point wherein you will know exactly where and how you will position yourself once the wedding day comes in. visiting the venue before the wedding will also give you the advantage of being able to review the lighting situation that you are going to be dealing with during the event. Lighting is crucial and can usually make or break a photo shoot so you are ensuring success by getting ahead of the game. Practice your shots and try to be comfortable working in and around the place. Know the right spots and the perfect framing so that you can pose people in no time and with very little effort.

Do not ever skip the bridals shoot

The bridals shoot is your chance to make the bride shine out and be the center of the entire wedding photography project, as she rightfully should be. As a new wedding photographer nottingham, you will not be able to fit the bridals shoot right into the wedding day so it would be best if you schedule it before the wedding. You will need time and attention in composing the images for the bridal shoots so that the bride comes out radiant and beautiful as ever. Teach the bride how to pose and find out what her most flattering angles are and make sure that you are able to keep those in mind all throughout the wedding photo shoot.

Be open minded about religion

If you let something like this get in the way, you will end up losing important projects just because you were unable to keep your beliefs to yourself. Accept the fact that people vary greatly and that includes their religion and that you should respect what they believe in no matter how different it may be from what you believe in.

Quick Ways To Learn Wedding Photography

Share wedding photography content out to your social media accounts.

wedding photography

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing platforms out there but time and time again, the importance and the focus that it gets in underrated, to say the least. You need to start growing your social media presence. Post new content about two to three times per week, even to just re-share some posts by other fellow wedding photographer that you might be following online. Blast out your new blog content as well via social media. Your friends, family, and other subscribers will be more than happy to pass the info around and share the love especially if your content is worth sharing or worth taking a look at in the first place. Social media is practically for free so there really is no reason why you should not take advantage of it given that you can do so at no added cost when it all comes down to it. There are no instantaneous results but this is something that you will definitely get to benefit from over time.

Deliver a quick turnaround time for your finished wedding photography products.

You have to understand that your clients are more than excited and more than beside themselves to see the finished products of the Seattle wedding photography service that you are providing for them one way or the other. you need to make sure that the moment that the wedding coverage is done, you set aside all thoughts and practically any other task that may present itself and focus all of your attention and energy on the post shoot processing of the pictures that you were able to take. You are working on a very limited timeframe. The clients usually appreciate it a lot if you can over deliver on the promised timeframe. As a matter of fact, wedding photography is such a stiff niche to get into that some clients even require same day edits. If you can do it, then by all means, do so but if you cannot, then at least try your best to work the hardest and the fastest during these crucial moments.

Wedding photography is all about learning how to pose the bride.

The bride should always be the star of the wedding photography project. Make sure that you go through the motions of really making the bride look good in the pictures. Pose her or at least teach her how to pose. Identify what her best and most flattering angles are and capitalize on them. You will make the bride look blooming and gorgeous than ever and that is something that she will really get to appreciate once the final finished photos come out. Have a bridals shoot scheduled other than the actual wedding day because you will not have enough time for it by then.

Take care of the snap shooters from the family.

There will always be family members and guests attending the wedding who would want to get shots of their own through the use of their own cameras or through camera phones. Give them the time in between takes to snap their own photos and so that they do not interfere with your photo shoot.

Business Secrets To Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyBrace yourself for failure at the start of your career as a wedding photographer.

You will not make it right away in your niche. After all, wedding photography is one of the hardest ones to get into. You should be thankful you were able to get in at all. You have to always keep in mind that good things always take time. Success as a wedding photographer is something that you cannot really rush through. It will require a lot of time and a lot of hard work from you so just try to remember this whenever you feel like giving up because you keep coming across a lot of challenges while you are trying to carve out your path in the wedding photography industry. You will not really be getting a lot of progress until after the first few years of starting your career so make sure that this is something that you are able to really prepare yourself for one way or the other. It will eventually happen though and you will eventually find success in what you do. You just really have to be patient for it.

Magnify and improve on what makes you different as a wedding photographer.

Do not follow the next big thing that hits the market. If a wedding photographer has made it big, it is most likely because of the fact that he capitalized on what made him stand out from the rest of the competition. You should head out there and do the same. Take the time to really get to know yourself and get to know your strengths as well as your weaknesses as a wedding photographer. Strengthen the things that make you a step above the rest of the other wedding photographers out there. Be innovative and do not be afraid to think outside of the box. It just might be your golden ticket to superstardom at the end of the day.

Get a job to help support your needs while you are still trying to develop your business in wedding photography.

It cannot be stressed well enough. You will not have a lot of luck while you are starting out. You will need to build up your portfolio, develop your blog, and basically establish yourself in the wedding photography community first before you can get your first big break. Take this down time to get a job on the side, just enough to support you while you are working out your career as wedding photography business. You will get to expand your social circles and possibly tap into those said circles for your wedding gig bookings. You need some steady income on the side so that you do not end up at the side of the streets. You need contingencies as much as possible.

Get constant feedback from other wedding photographers out there.

Always listen to what they have to say and try to learn from it and improve on your skills as a wedding photographer. Do not be easily offended if they point out some weaknesses. You can also check out websites by professional wedding photographers like this The whole point of the exercise is so that you can come out and be a better wedding photographer than you once were.

How To Skate By Asian Wedding Photography

wedding photographyPrepare

Asian wedding photography is a challenging thing to go through with especially if you are not from that particular culture or if you are not really that familiar with Asian practices in general. This does not mean that you will not be able to pull it off in the best way that you possibly can though. All that this means is really for you to just make sure that you area able to prepare well ahead of time for it and for you to know exactly what you are getting into before you do anything else. Get to know the couple. Sometimes, all that it really needs is a good sit-down meeting with the bride and the groom who hired you at some point or so. Talk to them. Figure out what they are all about. Listen to what they have to say about the Asian wedding photography project that you are trying to come up with at some point or so. Sometimes, this is the fastest and the easiest way for you to tell what particular practices you would need to acquaint yourself with one way or the other.

Know the rituals

Asian wedding photography is neck deep in age old rituals that are being observed even up until this day. This is something that you will have to prepare well ahead for. Again, there is no better way for you to go than to go straight right to the source. It will also not hurt if you do a little research on the background of the couple and of the particular culture that they grew up in. read up and research as much as you possibly can about it. This is one of those instances wherein being over prepared and being well informed will really get to work for your advantage at the end of the day. It helps if you make little notes and keep your notes with you all throughout the Asian wedding photography project. You have to understand that you are dealing with a whole lot of info on a very small window of time. You need the actual notes to help you remember things in the first place.


One of the strengths of Asian wedding photography is that you can capitalize on the rituals and traditions that they observe. More often than not, you can make these the focal points for the photo shoot that you are holding up and for the photos that you are trying to bring together. It can really bring in that unique, almost exotic sense to the entire thing. Culture can be very appealing and even more so when it is something as colorful and as tasteful as the Asian culture in general. Try to take note of this during the photo shoot and try to highlight as much of the traditions and rituals as you possibly can.

Preparation is the key to success in pulling this particular photography style off. Make sure that you have all of your gear together and complete ahead of time so that you do not have to get interrupted in the middle of your photo shoot. You will want to make sure that you are able to anticipate anything and everything that might happen so plan this out as well.

Blog Ideas For Every Wedding Photographer

Blog as marketing platform

As a wedding photographer, you will need to wrap your head around the fact that the blog is meant for your future potential clients. The blog is first and foremost, a marketing platform that is meant to convince future clients that you are capable enough to cover a wedding from start to end. the sooner that you are able to really make all of that sink in, the more efficient you will get to be in the composition of your blog. Getting a blog set up will drive more traffic to your site in such a way wherein it matches up with any possible organic searches that potential clients might put in their search engines. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you will ever get your hands on and when it all comes down to it, it will not even cost you all that much to maintain. You do not have to spend a whole bunch of money on it. You will just need to make sure that you are able to guarantee quality and consistency to make it work at some point or so.

Title composition

Address the title composition task as simply as possible. You are a wedding photographer and there are certain formulas that have been tested and proven to work for the blog titles. Use them to your advantage. The simplest and most efficient way that you can go for would include no more than just four elements for the title. You just need the first name of the bride, the first name of the groom, the name of the wedding venue, and the actual location where the wedding is going to be held in at the end of the day. You most likely have access to all of this info already so there really is no point in stressing it. Keep it simple and keep it as short as possible because lengthy titles can be misleading and might leave your readers disinterested.


Learn how to write even if you hate doing it. It is one of the most important skills that you will have to learn as a wedding photographer newcastle. Writing is not the easiest skill to learn but when it all comes down to it, you can still learn it nonetheless. This is something that you should keep in mind during the moments wherein you have the worst case of writer’s block and you are having a hard time to move on to the next good sentence. Be patient with yourself and work on it every single day. When you come to think of it; it is one of those skills that you already know how to do or go about with from the moment that you have learned how to write and how to compose your thoughts.


Come up with a theme or a thought that is easy to follow for your image layout. The image layout is one of the most important things that you will need to work on. The image layout can spoil a blog in pretty much the same way that it can catapult the blog into the crests of success.

How Wedding Photographers Do Business

wedding photographerSkills

Wedding photographers will always make sure that they have the technical and skill advantage over the competition. Research and review the different photography courses out there and find one most suited to the kind of style that you would like to develop as the wedding photographer. Photography courses are quite expensive to come by with and it is not always easy for new wedding photographers out there to put their faith into something enough to throw all of the finances that they can get their hands on into a class or so that will be able to teach them something. This is not something that you should rush into. Take your time.

Compare features and prices among photography courses or classes. Pool enough funds for you to be able to pull through with the enrollment of the classes that you need to get into. Do not take out a loan for something like this. You need to make sure that the timing and the finances are all lined up before you make the jump. It is an investment worth making though so you should really look into it. Look at the background of the teacher conducting the classes as well as the schedules. Everything should fit into what you currently have and with what you would like to achieve in the process.


Get in touch with a mentor who will be able to guide you through as you are still starting your journey to join the ranks of the successful wedding photographers in the industry. Starting out with a wedding photography business is hard to kick off and you are going to need all of the help that you can possibly get. Talk to your friends from the wedding photography circles and try to ask around to see if you have anyone who will be willing to mentor you just until you are able to get your feet warmed up enough for you to be able to stand on your own.


As with all of the other wedding photographers out there, you will need to get as much experience as you can possibly get your hands on. You cannot start to book clients for your wedding photography business if you do not have the experience and background to actually pull things through so make sure that you work on this as much as possible. Offer to assist in a more established wedding photographer’s wedding bookings so that you get to familiarize yourself with the sequences and with the ropes of the trade.


It takes time to be one of the expert wedding photographers out there. Be patient with yourself. You do not become a wedding photography sensation overnight. It takes time and effort to go through things like these so if you do not understand things in the beginning, be patient with yourself. Think things through and work through it until you are able to acquire the skills that you need for the industry that you are trying to work in.

Blogging 101 For Wedding Photographers

wedding photographerWedding photographers should know how to set up the image layout of the blog.

The way that you lay out your images should just be as important as the rest of the content of the blog that you are going for. There are a lot of blogging classes and courses out there that focus on the image layout alone. This is because of the fact that when it all comes down to it, the layout of the image is highly crucial to the way the rest of the blog will tend to go. Learn as much as you can about this. Take note of how you will be able to position your photos in such a way that you will be able to keep your audience entertained from the start right up to the very end of the blog. Read up on the wedding photography magazines out there and try to take note of how they do things as well. If there is anything or anyone that you should learn this particular skill from, it would have to be from the professionals who have had success in what they are doing.

Wedding photographers should always tag the images that they post on their blogs.

This may sound like a lot of work but these little efforts will really get to go a long way if you have the patience to actually put them in at some point or so. Google will have a way of indexing your photos if the photos are properly tagged and described. As much as possible, go for tags that are short and straight to the point. Put in as many as you possibly can for as long as the tags are related to what the photos are actually about when it all comes down to it. This may not sound like much in the beginning but it is something that can put your blog and the images that that come along with “on the radar”. When people put in searches that match up to the tags, they will eventually be directed and led up to your blog entry with the images included in them.

Get a list of all of the service vendors for the wedding and include it in the blog.

Have your second shooter go around during the wedding event to collect the contact info of all of the other wedding service providers during the wedding. Reach out to the florists, the wedding planner, the caterers, the management people in the venue, and so on and so forth. You will need to collate all of their info and put in the live links right next to their names. You will use this as leverage once the blog post is done to let them know that they have been featured in the blog that you just wrote up. A lot of them will appreciate the gesture and the lengths that you went through to put them up there and will be more than happy to return the favor to you.

Well Kept Secrets In Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsRecommendations

If you want to make it in the world of wedding photography, you should not be afraid to ask for recommendations especially if you know you did a pretty good job at it. All it takes for you to flourish in the wedding photography niche would be for you to man up and have the guts to ask your clients the question that can lead you towards booking your next client in the roster. “Do you happen to know any other people who might be in need of a wedding photographer’s services?”.

This single question alone might just book you your next big client so do not be afraid to ask it especially if you know that you have gone above and beyond to ensure that you were able to do an excellent job for this previous client. It only takes a few seconds to ask the question and it will not cost you anything other than a possible rejection or a brush off so there really is no need for you to worry about anything at the end of the day.


Let people have fun during the wedding photography shoot. It does not always have to be all too serious all the time. You have a plan and you will have to stick to it at some point or so and that is all fine but when there are a few inconsistencies in your timeline, there is no need for you to get all worked up over it. Weddings are usually joyous events and people want to celebrate and have fun. By all means, let them. As a matter of fact, those fun moments will actually get to work well for you and for your wedding photography shoot. Capture the moments as they come along and make sure that you are able to make the pictures “live in the moment” when it all comes down to it. The best photos usually come out when people feel their most comfortable and when they are the most at ease.


Change up the angles whenever you can. Variation is your best friend in wedding photography. The only thing that can be at the same level of being in bad taste with low quality pictures is when those pictures are all taken at the same boring and monotonous angle with no variations in between. Move around and take the photos coming from all types of angles. This is the best way for you to be able to bring in some kind of interest in the composition of your images. Do not be embarrassed if you can end up looking silly by squatting or by taking low perspectives. Just focus on the shots that you are actually making.


You do not have to work yourself up too hard all of the time. Find the perfect moments for you to relax as well. You do not have to get worked up and take pictures all throughout the wedding. There will be moments in between such as when the guests are eating wherein you do not have to take photos of. Take a break every now and then and work on pacing yourself.